Anonymous said: How can I delete my account of cosplay mate?

You just need to cancel on the biller website. ccbill by exemple


and zombaio his

or you can contact the support with your username and they do it for you.


Anonymous said: Will the Hinata set have more images?

There his more images but they are in the main website  

I use tumblr to anwser question, take request and show sample set (teaser)

Anonymous said: How are the positions decided? Legit question, seriously curious.

Well I alway try to get a couple signature positions from the character. The other possitions are the girls doing free style and having fun :)

Anonymous said: Have you ever been actively tempted by any of the models?

Yes it happen sometime when I see the girl getting aroused doing the pictures or the video :) I just bite my tongue and try not to think to much about it :)

needforsl33p said: what do you like best about doing the modelling?

I like to see the final result when the model show in the costume. It great to see the work of the hairdresser, the makeup artist and the dressmaker  under a studio lightning :)

Anonymous said: You might want to learn how to spell "launch"...

I start to learn english when I launch that blog and I still have a lot to learn.

More from Rias Gremory set :)

doomtrooper28 said: What camera do you use? Also thinking of doing any of the girl's from RWBY?

I use a Nikon D7100 and yes I plan to do some RWBY soon

More from the set :)

New set up and ready :) sorry for the delay but this one is 101 pictures and this week-end was the Otakuthon 2014.  From all the pictures I did so far this one my favorite. I gonna upload a teasing sample tomorrow