More pictures from the last set :)

Anonymous said: Hello there, first the pics you make are awesome and second i just want the fairytailcosplay stuff. So i want to ask how much you just for these.


You can buy the 2 videos of the fairy tail shooting on the clips4sale store at

For the pictures set we dont have a system in place to sell them only.

Thank you

Hi all! :) new update ready.   Kitana from Mortal Kombat. Enjoy! :)

Anonymous said: When will the next cosplay be? any hints as to what it could be?

New shooting coming next week about a konami fighting game :)

Anonymous said: Is Natalya a model? Does she have a website or any other non-cosplay work online?

From what I know she doesn’t have her own website. I think she got some other work but not adult related.

Anonymous said: What is the model's name who is in the Ashe and Sakura set?

Her name is Natalya :)

Anonymous said: Full nude set for Hinata?

Full set are only on the website she got a 80 pictures set. All the cosplay alway have a 60 to 80 full set on the paysite and 15 free pictures preview here.

More for the hinata set :)

New set with Hinata pictures is up :)

Anonymous said: Will there be more league sets in the Future?

Yes but not at that time since I try to please everyone request and I cant do  only league :)