More pictures from the last set :)


samuraibebop105 asked: Another great set, yet again; DEFINITELY one of my favourites alongside the Rukia and Mizore sets~ Awesome photography, by the way. What's next on the list? P.S. I keep visiting your site more often, and I'm never going to regret becoming a member!

Thank a lot for the support :) and glad you like the photography since it gonna save a lot of money having myself as the photographer.  That help me with better costumes or more shooting :)

Next on the list is a double shooting from naturo with the two sisters. Then High School DxD. I just have to wait since the sister are in university rush until april 17.

More pictures from the Yukari Sendo set :)

Anonymous asked: Woops I sent my ask to your fan mail by mistake. I was wondering if you would do a Kurumu set from Rosario vampire?

Yes Kurumu is on the planning but in a couple months since I just did Yukari :)

Yukari Sendo set is ready on Cosplay-mate

The full set is 85 pictures and I gonna add some teaser here after I get some sleep :) I was the photographer for that set so let me know if I’am up for the task.

Anonymous asked: Do you have ahri cosplay

Yes you can see her on the preview page of the website.

She at the bottom right.  She did a solo set, a duo set with lulu and a video.

Anonymous asked: Dollarz plz i cant pay them with my credit card i need euros o_O

Not sure what you mean but ccbill and zombaio take dollars and euro and we have directpayEU for Europea country.

Here a tease of the set I’am editing right now.   I was the one taking the picture and since I wasn’t confident in my photographer skill I ended taking 1040 pictures. It was long to select the best to make a set.  Once the set is ready I gonna post more preview and let me know if you like the result.

If i’am good enough photographer it gonna be a huge saving and allow for more shooting :)

Anonymous asked: Kiss x sis cosplay?

I gonna have to look I never read that one.

Ah today shooting when well and I gonna start editing the pictures tomorow  also I used my new lights kit. Gonna need some tweak but it gonna get better :)

Anonymous asked: What costumes are lined up :D

I wanted to do the naruto one but the girls are in their university exam until april 17. I have a modele available april 1 to do Yukari Sendo so that gonna be the next shooting :)