More from Rias Gremory set :)

doomtrooper28 said: What camera do you use? Also thinking of doing any of the girl's from RWBY?

I use a Nikon D7100 and yes I plan to do some RWBY soon

More from the set :)

New set up and ready :) sorry for the delay but this one is 101 pictures and this week-end was the Otakuthon 2014.  From all the pictures I did so far this one my favorite. I gonna upload a teasing sample tomorrow

bountyhunterbridget said: Well, since i've seen a question about one of the models name, can you tell me Lulu's?

Sorry for the delay name I didnt see the message.  Lulu model name is Kira

venomousthanks said: Are all tattoos permanent or temps?

They are the parmanent tattoos of the model

Anonymous said: Does Salem have a website or twitter?

Nop I dont think she did any other pictures before also

Anonymous said: Where is the girl who cosplayed ahri?

Her family  found out she was doing erotic pictures and she taking a pause.

Anonymous said: Who is the person who cosplayed jinx?

Her name is Salem she did Yukari Sendo also

Anonymous said: How does one work for cosplay-mate as a model?

Well first all the shooting are done in Montreal so you have to be a travelling model or to live in Montréal.  Then you meet the team and they look what cosplay would look nice on you :)